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Thread: FPVLab VIDEO THREAD-14!!!!!!

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    Another video from my recent trip to Northumberland. This time Penshaw Monument which was epic - other than the uber early start!

    Hope you guys enjoy it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Provotroll View Post
    WOW nice footage, getting all the other planes in close like that takes a lot of work.

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    First Attempt at aMulti Gp track

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    Staward Gorge

    Another one from our recent trip to Northumberland. I took the quad on a beautiful walk through Staward Gorge, and flew the picnic spot we stopped at for a short break. I only had time to fly one pack which is what formed this video.

    Hope you enjoy...

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    Southwest Scenery

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    More Northumberland action, this time a castle very much off the beaten track. It took quite a bit of effort to get there, but it was a great spot tp fly!

    Hope you enjoy...

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    Took a day trip to North Wales with a friend and had a great time diving a 300m waterfall in full flow.

    Hope you enjoy...

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    I sure do love flying

    Hey guys I got a chance to fly a lot this weekend. Check out my channel and sub if you like micros and tiny whoops :-)

    Im not sure why the videos arent embedded is there a trick to uploading? Edit #2 I figured it out.
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