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Thread: Pagoda: Newest, best free design for FPV antenna, Circular polarized, omni and bett

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    I've made a bunch of these for buddies using a similar jig. I can't say they're perfect as anything made by hand requiring precision can be difficult, but so far they do work great. I do end up with one every now and then that just doesn't work well. Noticeably poorer performance. I just chalk it up to misalignment or poor soldering. However, for the cost I just junk them. I really would like to see more refinement of this type of antenna, if possible as they do work fantastic and are so cheap to produce.

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    I also found these antennas to perform very well when compared to another popular FPV antenna

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonic_boom View Post
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    Also, the tripplegodda may be an apr 1 joke, I'm not sure about that. But c'mon you have to admit... $1 original Pagoda with possibly the best axial rejection of any flying design is a big deal.

    Yah, it was totally an Apr 1 joke...

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    Here's how I stack 2 of the pagoda patches with cheap coaxial to achieve pretty similar results like an expensive MiniCircuits 2way splitter:

    link to 3d-printed bezel for the stacked array

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