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Thread: FPV noise even with LC filter

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    FPV noise even with LC filter

    I have just installed new VTx Eachine ET600R 600mW and I was getting throttle related interference (white lines) in my FPV feed to such extent it was almost impossible to fly proximity. I was never having any interference even with super cheap Eachine TS5840 on the same build.
    So I installed LC filter and here is the result: no visible improvement, noise is most prominent around 50% throttle. I am using huge low ESR 1000uF 35V capacitor by panasonic on lipo power apart from LC filter.
    Is this VTx bad?
    Detailed build in video description. LC filters I tried: 2A LC filter (16V capacitor) and PDB with LC filter (tiny 35V capacitor)
    Appreciate any help.

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