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Thread: Sbus on ezuhf 500mw tx?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izord View Post
    I'm looking for a way to get one of the other physical channels on my EZUHF 4 channel working so I can output the RSSI like I used to. Since I put on the S-bus firmware the option to configure the other physical channels has been greyed out on the ImmersionRC tools.

    Is it supposed to work that way? When will the Sbus firware get back to it's full functionality?

    Hey I'm grateful for what I have, and understanding the hardware limitations involved, it looks like the most likely chance of getting my functionality back would be on your end. Was there a particular reason that the sbus firmware has the other three physical channels turned off on the EZUHF 4 channel receiver? It almost seems like the firmware attempt was halfway finished then the programmers forgot to turn on the option to output RSSI and/or LINK via a physical channel.
    Did you manage to figure out how to get EZUHF with Sbus working and getting RSSI yet? I'd also like to go this route if possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aardwolf View Post
    Did you manage to figure out how to get EZUHF with Sbus working and getting RSSI yet? I'd also like to go this route if possible.
    Not yet. Work got in the way. Winter weather and work put the kibbosh on my flying and building for a bit. Actually got up this morning early and started a little sorting and cleaning in my shop to get on another spree.

    I'll keep you posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Izord View Post
    I'll keep you posted.
    Thanks, looking forward to hearing about any progress.

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    Any word on rssi and sbus? I finally got everything going on a zmr250 for long range, and this would be a very handy thing to have

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    I have interest in this too, I was in the wrong channel before, my topic is EzUHF RX and JR TX and SBUS.

    I was able to update my JR, Nanos and 4CH Lites, all to the SBUS firmware a couple of weeks ago. Just need to recognize that the JR only emits 3 beeps during upgrade until you plug it into the Taranis, the switch has to be HI not LO like the manual says for flashing (although the configurator tells you correctly). Then it emits 4 beeps. Flying fine. Last week decided to upgrade Taranis OpenTX from 2.1.6 to 2.2.0, and can get no IRC equipment to communicate with the flight controllers. Everything seems to bind, get the 4 beeps from the JR, and heart beat from the RX. But the FC no longer responds to the IRC EzUHF SBUS. It does respond to the FrSKy L9R I have which is SBUS 12 channels. I know the EzUHF implementation is only 6 channels. I changed nothing in the models or FCs, just upgraded OpenTX from 2.1.6 to 2.2.0. I saw that the channel range for DSM2/DSMX changed from 1-8 in 2.1.6 to 1-6 in 2.2, and I can't change it from 6 back to 8. Any thoughts? I thinking the reduced the frame period and breaks things. I may go back to OpenTX 2.1.6, have a lot of $$ invested in IRC 433MHz hardware.

    That was last week. I have now proven via backups that if I restore my 2.1.6 FW and SD card everything instantly starts working again. Upgrade to OpenTX2.2.0 and things break. This is reproducible and repeatable. I opened an issue with OpenTX at github:
    You can see their response and then mine.

    I have had further dialog as a result of my response:
    "Yes, I know that 6ch vs 8ch. I actually fixed that bug. The CH1-8 vs CH1-6 was purely cosmetic. The code never outputs and never has outputted more than 6 channels. The only other change that happened between 2.1 and 2.2 was that I fixed the output of DSM to be 100k 8e2 instead 100k 8e3. (Just an extra unnecessary pause between two bytes). And the code still works for DSM2 hack modules as we have feedback that these still work (e.g. every DSM2 module that is used in Horus). So we are pretty sure that the DSM2/DSMX protocol is still working."

    My suspicion is that the change in DSM output referenced in their response may be the issue, but that is just a SWAG.

    Further, OpenTX noted they have no relationship with ImmersionRC, but invited contact to discuss and fix this. I would provide contact information to you if you accept, I am trying to respect their privacy too.

    In my opinion, I think this is an issue that a lot of users would like to see corrected. You can see in searches that many have just given up. The issue, is that many are buying new flight controllers where CPPM is no longer viable due to latency, at least that is the response from the vendors. The SBUS implementation enables your customers to extend your market by continuing functionality with the new flight controllers (F4).

    I've spent a couple of weeks tracking this down, and have a significant personal financial investment in Nanos, Tramps, JRs, and 4CH Lites, so it becomes a personal request to resolve this.

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    Is there room to create a firmware to auto detect ppm/sbus input on the transmitter? Many use the box Tx on a relay going Taranis->Sbus Rx->Sbus to PPM->EzUHF. Would be nice to eliminate the Sbus to PPM conversion. The relays are great for 1.2 separation and getting the antenna high, and especially nice in the winter where you can fly from a heated car.

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    Is it possible to get a response from support on this please? See update at

    Thank you.

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    Well since it worked before on opentx and got broken after an opentx upgrade. I think your fastest route is to have the opentx devs fix it again in a new version.

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    DSM output on OpenTX 2.1 was incorrect (sending 2 stop bits instead of 1 like a real Spektrum TX), that's what was fixed in 2.2. Seems you're relying on a bug that was fixed.

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    Thank you for your reply. I'm not looking for a "fastest route" solution, although an "official" solution would be really nice. I think a lot of users would like to see this addressed "officially", else they are limited as to what they can do with your other products that do require OpenTX2.2 in order to control them via Lua scripts, for example. Not to mention, unsupported. "Officially" would be ImmersionRC having interaction with OpenTX to understand the best solution for their customers.

    I get a sense of animosity embedded in both vendors' responses. As a customer, my goal is to experience the fun of FPV, not wonder if the product I've bought will be supported [or not] with the next software upgrade from anyone in the "food chain" from whom I purchase my equipment.

    From an SEI (Software Engineering Institute) perspective, ALL parties should be glad this issue has been found and the cause identified. This is done without any intent of personal attack, just a common goal of having a happy customer with bug free products, and a forward path using current and new product(s). The next step is to agree, amicably between OpenTX and ImmersionRC, on a working solution that doesn't impact the current user base, goes through proper testing, and is "rolled" out in a new release of EzUHF or OpenTX, or Both. The dialog could be opened using "https://github.com/opentx/opentx/issues/5204#issuecomment-329863493" as a starting point for understanding detail.

    I could support testing since I have a setup already.

    Thanks & Regards

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