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Thread: Wing Wing Z-84 (845mm) - 72.6km long range flight into tropical storm

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    Cool Wing Wing Z-84 (845mm) - 72.6km long range flight into tropical storm

    Tiny plane with big long range adventure!
    Just wanna share my success flying my two just recently build Wing Wing Z-84 (V1 and V2/v2+)with record breaking long range flight proving that this small tiny wing could fly beyond its intended design. Currently achieved max up to 72.6km mileage per-session with flight time of 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes) on 3500mah 4s Li-on pack (Proof video below).

    For more details of my ultimate long range mini UAV WING WING Z-84 you can read setup at my blog page below link.

    Build log and specification page:


    Specification: Version 2 build (V2/V2+)
    Wingspan: 845mm
    Length: 405mm
    Elevon: 2x 9g servo analog MG
    ESC: 12A TURNIGY Plush
    Motor: AX 1806N 2100KV
    External BEC: 3A/5V (Micro size board)
    Propeller: Stock 2 blade 5"x3 GWS
    Radio receiver: Frsky telemetry 8ch
    Battery: LG MJ1 NRI 18560 Li-on (3500mah per-cell) 3500mah 3s1p 10A / 4S on V2+ build
    Camera HD (main): RUNCAM HD F2.8
    Flight Control board: APM Mini Pro + mini GPS Ublox 7N (Uses Arduplane Version 3.4 firmware)
    APM radio telemetry: mini 3DR radio telemetry + halfwave di-pole antenna
    Voltage + Current sensor: 3DR power module 2-6s
    Full flying weight: 390gram / 430gram on V2+ build

    I attached here some proven uncut long range flight video sequentially from the early stage progressed up to its maximum proven long distance flight. So if you have an old wing wing Z-84 sitting around lonely inside your garage then its time to wipe the dust out and give this little miracle a second chance.

    The build:

    Snapshots of adventure:


    I will post more updates and latest development on this awesome plane soon.
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