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Thread: Blurry video through OSD

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    Blurry video through OSD

    I'm tearing my hair out trying to get the Eagletree osd to work on my setup. When I run video through the OSD module it becomes blurry. If I take the osd out of the loop using a jumper cable the video is sharp.

    The OSD text is sharp but distorted. It kind of "winks" or "twinkles". Just sitting there and there are horizontal bands of disruption. I already adjusted the black and white levels and that sort of improved the banding but the video remains blurry and the text distorted.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hi Josh,

    Would you be able to post a screenshot or short video showing the issue? That should not be occurring.

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    Hi Eagletree, I only have my headplays so I can't post a video.

    I've since tried pulling various pieces of the system out for troubleshooting including:
    RC TX (72MHz)

    I have also pulled the OSD out of the system and the video becomes clear. I think it is probably an issue with the OSD. Can I send it back to you to check it out?

    BTW I love the whole system you guys have here and I'm really excited to get this thing working... just tearing my hair out on vid quality.

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    we need more info!

    What Tx, which frequency, what cam, what UBEC. Specs please. No-one can assist you without this info. A screenshot would be the best though, even though you only got your headplay.

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    Fixed! I found another thread with a similar problem and followed that out.

    Finally I figured out that I had my LC filter in the wrong place... inline TO the camera instead of to the VTX. Working well now!

    Thanks guys!

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    Great news, Josh!

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