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Thread: Fatshark faceplate fan mod?

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    Fatshark faceplate fan mod?

    I have a pair of Fatshark Dominator V2's with the fan/faceplate and the trinity headtracker installed. Having to plug the fan into the battery has always bothered me and I would like to solder it directly to the barrel jack internally so the fan is on when the goggles are on. I am comfortable with doing this mod on my own but the fan is rated for 2 cell only and I use an 8 cell NiMh for my transmitter. When I connect the transmitter to the Doms for headtracking, I am afraid the ~10V will reach the fan. Is there some sort of regulator I could tap off of? I think a few diodes could work but I think it would cause issues when running with the standard 2s battery.

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    I believe those fans run on 5v as most of that size/type do, rather than directly from 2s' 8.4v. That's easy to check- there's a tiny PCB at the balance plug that has some sort of timer coz the fan switches off after a while. Plug in 2s battery, switch on the fan and with multimeter check how much voltage fan gets. If it's 5v, then there's obviously a voltage regulator on that PCB. If that's the case, then one of the options would be to solder wires to that PCB's balance plug and route them internally to barrel jack, *BUT*(!!!)- you have to find out first whether that regulator can take 10v input compared to rated 2s' 8.4v max, and if it does- whether having 10v input it still gives out same voltage as it does on 2s. I believe Greg can answer that
    OK, first option was if you want to use fan's button with timer. Second option if you want the fan to go non stop when you power the goggles, yet again assuming fan works on 5v- just get a tiny 5v Bec or voltage regulator (smth like this- http://www.diatoneusa.com/store/p80/...BEC_5V_2A.html) and you'll know what to do with it
    And if you go for Bec/regulator option I'd highly recommend to shield it with copper tape and ground it. Some of them are quite "noisy" and having them inside the goggles right beside Vrx and HT might cause trouble. Call it my paranoia but without very expensive gear there's no way to tell which are Rf or video noisy and which ones are not
    Edit: just after checking manual- fan only accepts 2s, so no 10v.
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    Thanks for the input. I just cracked (literally) open the little cover. There is no regulator, it is just a simple resistor-capacitor timer with a transistor acting as a switch which I think is pretty cool. I didnt realize there was a tiny screw on the other side of the foam so I pulled the screw through the plastic hole. No big deal though.

    I decided the safest route to go would be to stick a tiny 100-200mah 2s lipo in the band and use that. No need for regulators, BEC's, soldering inside, ect and guaranteed to not cause interference.

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