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Thread: New Tramp vtx

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssassen View Post
    There's two things required:

    1) You either program when the Vtx is powered on > it will remember the last setting
    2) You program with the Vtx powered off > you'll need to keep the NFC connected until the Vtx is powered up

    So you can't program a number of Vtxs with just one NFC tag without powering them on to 'take' the new settings.
    Thanks for the reply Sassen and from Immersion RC Support,

    I found the problem - I had a wire that came loose on the connector. Should have looked there first!

    Just Curious... is there any way, when it's powered up, that the wand would error out when scanned, because the chip did not change channel? Like in my case, the chip was accepting my changes, I could read the changes, but was not passing it off to the vtx because of a disconnect.

    Thanks again for the help!

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    Any update on when a new batch will be sent to retailers? Everyone is out of stock.

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    There's been a delay due to the stuffing house stuffing a different part which did not meet our stringent requirements, as a result we've had them rework a large portion of the already completed Tramps which resulted in a delay shipping these out.

    Our 1st and foremost concern is making sure our products are of consistent high quality, you'll understand that we thus opted to rework the Tramps rather than ship them out and potentially deal with returns due to failures at the field.

    We plan to resume shipping next week.
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    Hi I'm still kinda new to FPV, and I have the vortex 250 Pro, I'm considering changing my VTX as it's the highest range is 350mW, So I started reaching which would be the best one to buy, I came across the Tramp, but also found a version where you just plugin like your current one, with out no soldering involved.

    So my question is which one would be better to buy, the cost isn't an issue.

    this one:

    http://www.nghobbies.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1998# .WYyAt1V96Uk

    or this one:


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    The first one.

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    They both say "International Version" Will they work here in the "US" ? Not sure what the difference is ?

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    The int version works perfect in the us. Only the us version is locked down in channels to make sure you comply to us rules.

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    Great, Thanks !!

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    How about selling a fan as an accessory?

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