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Thread: John Taylor's suit against FAA was dismissed?

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    That was great to hear. I hope we get to listen to the case more as it goes on.

    I love how at the end they get to the reason for some laws came from 9/11, and how it's meant to prevent hijacking of full scale aircraft... and is now being applied to models. There's a lot of 'not because it makes sense, but because we think we can' coming from the FAA. The FAA seemed to justify the registration in terms of, "700,000 people have signed up." and avoided the questions of how that registration actually educates model pilots, or how it helps enforcement. They make the claims that they're educating and enforcing over and over, but both of those are false. The registration doesn't do any education, and anyone who is trying to cause trouble can easily remove the registration number from their fuselage.

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    or never put it on there to begin with....

    someone on here a long time ago (forgot who) once said that 90% of the rules in aviation aren't there to protect you... they are there to assign blame when something goes wrong...
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    Curious why weight issue wasn't brought up, congress clearly set 55lb limit, yet FAA pulled 250g outta thin air. Having listened to a few gun cases where the state got beat up by judges in a similar manner during oral arguments, and then the ruling comes out for the state, I'm not exactly optimistic.

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    Whats the best guess on when the next bit of news on this will come out?

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    Probably in a few months when the court's ruling is announced. No way of knowing when that will be though.
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