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Thread: TBS Vendetta falling down after a while of flying. How do I debug it?

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    Thanks Trappy. I will check that and see if the RC_RX connector is suspect.

    One more thing.... can you share the optimum Crossfire Micro antenna orientation...maybe my vertical orientation/method caused the issue.

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    Can anyone provide a picture of the solder points? I can't seem to find them..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trappy View Post
    hey guys. sorry for not responding here for a ****ing decade. I completely missed this thread, not sure how.

    if you have vendettas rebooting in mid air, it's most likely due to the V1 PDB. The V2 PDB should solve this issue completely. If it doesn't, then you've got a bad connection on one of the stacking layers going up. You can re-tin both the female and male legs that mate the pins and sockets to the PCB. That's your most likely cause. On V1, the most likely cause is the 6 pins that connect the DCDC to the PDB.

    kydawg1, your case is most likely a bad connector. The "RC" socket may have been damaged in a crash, or the cable may have unseated and ready to fall out. Shaky connections will cause a disarm. It could also be a cable issue. The best way to resolve the issue is to use the solder-thruholes that are next to the RC socket. Using these you can create a very secure connection to the cable going to your receiver.
    Trappy could you send the product link for the pdb/dcdc? Or do I have to buy the whole powerCube for my vendetta v1? I have similar issues like andy.

    best regards

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