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Thread: TBS Vendetta - Tutorials & Support Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakkris55 View Post
    To be honest, i didnt do shit after reset to factory
    the Vendetta is a great RTF quad! I bought the first version back in April 2016 and it also did well on stock settings. I only sold it due to my changing preferences. it was this bird that introduced me to the great TBS company. My two main quads both have powercubes! Happy flying

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    im already TBS Royalty...!!!! Since the TBS Disco (without gimbal)

    brilliant company.....!!!!

    (thumbs up to u too m8
    TBS Discovery PRO / TBS Caipirinha / TBS Vendetta v2
    T8FGs / IMRC UHF
    TBS Groundstation + PepperBox

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    Throttle issue

    I've just bought a Vendetta and a Taranis x9d.
    I've been through the OSD calibration and also tried a factory reset.
    I'm finding that the throttle is either on or off. I touch up on the throttle from bottom and the motors accelerate to full speed and no matter how much I push them up or down the speed doesn't change. Except if I drop the throttle to the bottom and then they stop. Any ideas?

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