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Thread: TBS Vendetta - Tutorials & Support Thread

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    Post TBS Vendetta - Tutorials & Support Thread

    Here is my TBS Vendetta how to / getting started tutorial. The procedure is extremely fast and simple.

    >>> Table of content of this video:

    0:00 FrSky XSR Rx setup
    1:59 FrSky & Taranis Bind procedure
    3:12 Create a flight mode switch channel on the Taranis X9D for the flight mode selection
    3:49 OSD and Radio Calibration
    6:32 Flight modes description
    6:57 Unlock the video transmitter 25mw limit
    7:31 Final Rc receiver installation -antenna-
    8:24 Changing the Pilot Camera angle (optional)
    8:42 Closing the frame and mounting the arms
    9:29 Mounting the Propellers
    10:10 Battery Strap
    10:25 General Stick commands (ON/OFF motors, OSD navigation)
    10:55 Trimming the vendetta controller via the radio
    11:50 Troubleshooting, open the OSD menu and/or scan the Rx manually if the Rx is not detected

    >>> Required Tools:

    - 2mm Hex driver for the arms, motors and frame
    - 8m wrench for the props

    - 5 mm wrench to open the powercube
    - Little Phillips screw driver to change the camera angle
    - Solder Iron, Solder and Liquid tape only if using a Rc Rx with non-standard connection (eg. FrSky XSR). Rx with standard servo and TBS Crossfire are plug n play, solder free.

    >>> Assembly and setup:
    1. Remove the two front bumper screws to slide the Vendetta tray out
    2. Connect your RC Rx to the pre-installed servo cable. If using a Crossfire micro, just connect the Rx to the Powercube with the supplied cable. If using a FrSky XSR with its own cable, you'll have to solder 3 wires. The Powercube takes S.BUS, spectrum, PPM, etc
    3. Pass the antenna through the top part
    4. Secure the Rx with tape. Tape over the existing yellow tape on the Core in order to avoid additional layer and ensure good dissipation of heat (not sure that's necessary but just in case)
    5. Don't close the frame yet !
    6. Attach an antenna to the Vtx then plug a charged battery
    7. Bind your Radio and Rx
    8. With the help of a FPV monitor or goggles, navigate in the OSD. To enter the OSD, hold throttle down and left yaw position for about 3-5 seconds. The OSD menu should show up on the screen, navigate with the up and down pitch, select with right roll and come back to the previous menu with left roll.
    9. If you can't access the OSD with the stick command, try reverse stick position (eg throttle up and left, etc.) because your channel(s) might be reserved
    10. If nothing happens still, you'll have to enter the OSD menu via the core. Press the middle button of the Core to open the OSD menu, then use the left and right core button to go to the RC calibration wizard menu.
    11. On the calibration menu, center the sticks to launch the calibration procedure. If nothing happens, your sticks might not be perfectly centered, try moving all the axis a little bit (mostly throttle) then a countdown will show up on the screen which mean that you are entering the calibration procedure (but if you move the stick before the end of the countdown, it will cancel the procedure)
    12. If you have no luck on this menu, your Rx is not detected (an undetected Rx will make the vendetta Beep and flashing red LED on the powercube). With the help of the core button, go the the calibration menu (where it says "Center the stick") and press the "enter key" of the Core (middle button). Scan manually until you find the right setting (S.BUS in my case). Then proceed with the calibration.
    13. Finish the assembly, attach the arms and the props (you'll have to push the prop all the way down)

    >>> Flying the Vendetta:

    The vendetta comes pre-tuned. It's very locked in by default. Unless you know what you are doing I wouldn't change the PIDS (can be done with the OSD though) but you can adjust the RATES (50 by default, lower if you want a less aggressive flying behavior).

    >>> Starting the motors
    - Arming / Motors ON: throttle down + right yaw
    - Disarming / Motors OFF: throttle down + left yaw

    >>> Flight modes:
    There is 3 flight modes:
    - Angle: similar to DJI Atti, the roll and pitch axis are limited to 45 degrees angle
    - Horizon: this one is interesting, there is no angle limit, you can do roll and barrels but if you let go the sticks (hands off the radio), the Vendetta will stabilize automatically
    - Accro: full manual mode, for experienced pilots only

    >>> Trim the controller via the radio:

    Interesting feature, if you notice that the Vendetta drift (not because of the wind of course!), you can trim the controller directly via the radio:
    1. Let the Vendetta on the ground, powered but motors OFF
    2. Hold throttle up to the end position (maintain the hold position during all the triming procedure)
    3. Hold any axis (roll, pitch, yaw) that you want to trim (eg. stick roll right) to the end point, the Vendetta will emit a "beep" sound. Keep holding the axis until to the desired trim amount (more beeps = more trim). The trim steps in this method are very small, 10 beeps like that equals one beep the radio trim.
    4. Throttle down
    5. Start the motor, fly and check, repeat the procedure to correct trim if needed.

    That's it for now.
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    Tutorial # 2 about updating the Vendetta CORE, Colibri Flight controller and Betaflight Setup

    0:04 Open the TBS Vendetta
    0:26 Download & Install the TBS Agent firmware update software
    0:51 Update the TBS Core
    1:40 Update the TBS Colibri flight controller
    2:13 Install Betaflight Configurator App. Chrome required
    2:54 Connect to betaflight and finish the Colibri update by resetting the settings
    3:18 Configure the correct port and receiver settings, X4R in this video
    3:59 Quick overview of the Betaflight Settings
    4:54 Check the PIDs and Rates
    5:18 Set the receiver settings and assign the switches, flight modes, beeper etc.
    13:18 Re-assemble the TBS Vendetta
    13:45 Check the motor rotation
    14:56 Secure the antenna with zip tie and heat shrink tubes

    Here is a bunch of tutorials put together by Magnus Myhre
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    Tutorial for the full bundle. In USA this product can be found at Drone Nerds and B&H
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    some stuff
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    thanks for the vid, very helpful for a noob like me, bookmarked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by belieber View Post
    thanks for the vid, very helpful for a noob like me, bookmarked.
    Sure. I tried first with the XSR Rx so you'll have to solder. However most Rx like the X4R, D4R-II or TBS crossfire micro would be solder free and plug n play. The setup is extremely easy. You can do everything in 10-15 following my video.

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    Any tutorials for Jr xbus ex connection and setup

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    Good question, I'm not sure about the JR Xbus compatibility to the powercube.
    If it takes xbus, the connection and setup should be similar (connect +, GND, Signal / Bind the Rx and the radio / calibrate in the OSD)

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    Any hints how to connect the S-Port cable from the XSR to get the telemetry data on my taranis?

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    Unless I'm wrong, I don't think that the Powercube or core has any output to feed the FrSky telemetry. Plus, I don't really see the need since the vendetta already offers a lot of power information on the OSD.

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