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Thread: TBS Vendetta - Tutorials & Support Thread

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    On bootup my colibri race is not listed on the OSD. I cannot open the OSD using the left stick min throttle method. When I use the buttons on the board to enter the OSD, there is no options for flight controller setup. Only OSD and video transmitter. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? I've had it working in the past but did some settings adjustment using betaflight (I'm running 2.9.1) and now the stick method no longer works. I would like to be able to access the OSD again with the sticks!

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    Hi pete914, make sure all connectors are fully inserted into their sockets.
    Maybe pull one out and then insert it again.
    That seams to fix my problem after a heavy crash loosing the VTX in the OSD.
    Play with the plugs and it should work again, I hope.


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    Thanks for the reply!! I will try this out and report back!

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    So I removed and replugged all the wires. Nothing appeared loose but no changes. OSD still doesn't recognize the colibri. I'm now having really bad reception issues. I checked the Unify Tx for connection issues and saw none at the pigtail or the connection on the VTX board.
    I feel like all these things are related....
    Here's a video of my problem:

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    I experienced similar issues after multiple crashes. Although on external inspection, everything looked ok, I decided to remove the heat shrink of the RPSMA pigtail, lo and behold, the internal antenna had some shearing. Replacing this fixed my video reception issues. I also intermittently experienced the OSD not recognizing the FC, but power cycling always fixed it. Sometimes it took only one time, but I don't recall ever having to do it more than three times.

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    Thanks that is indeed the issue. Pigtail was broken. I had to desolder it to find the break!

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    Installed new colibri V2 on my Vendetta cube stack. Flashed with 2.9. Now it won't recognize the sticks. Entered the calibration via buttons on core pro and it freezes at first screen. Goes to stick graph screen and that's it.....

    whats going on ?

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    Motor Oscillations, Red LED Flashing, and Hot Motors

    I recently switched from the stock Cobra motors to the Armattan 2206-2300 kv Oomph motors. After the switch, especially when using flexible durable props, I noticed a few peculiarities:

    1) motors got too warm/hot after only about 20 seconds of hover
    2) low voltage LED flashes red with fully charged packs in hover
    3) motors making straining/oscillating noise

    I was told on RCGroups forums that since the new motors are substantially more powerful than the stock motors, I will need to likely lower P value, lower D value, and lower low pass filter value. However, when I went into the OSD to look at the default settings for the filters, they are already either zero or 1, and therefore cannot be lowered any further. I am completely utterly new to PID tuning. If anyone has any advice, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. When I switch to stiffer props, the problem is not nearly as pronounced. When I switch back to stock motors or Lumenier 2206-2350 kv motors, the problem goes away, regardless of which props I use. Bench testing does indeed show that the Armattan motors produce about 25% more thrust than these other two motors, which are of very similar specs to each other.

    These are the default Filter and PID settings on my Vendetta, as well as the firmware version information.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Default Filters.jpg 
Views:	82 
Size:	146.7 KB 
ID:	75517 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Default PIDs II.JPG 
Views:	103 
Size:	33.0 KB 
ID:	75518 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FW Info.jpg 
Views:	73 
Size:	162.5 KB 
ID:	75519
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    This is happening to us as well... did you find a solution?

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    Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked.

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