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Thread: tbs crossfire connecting problem

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    tbs crossfire connecting problem

    Recently I bought a tbs crossfire set (TBS crossfire rx/rx) for my Futaba T8FG.

    It was working great for 2 days after I set them up with my Futaba T8FG and DJI A2 flight control.

    Today morning after I kept powering on/off the TBS Crossfire setup by disconnecting with the battery of Futaba(I was testing some config),
    the Crossfire Tx can not connect to the Crossfire Rx any more. It was showing "connecting" instead of "Running" on the TX.
    I think the RX can't receive the signal from the TX now. I tried to restart everything several times, still no working at all.

    I have no idea what is going on with the equipment.
    Please I need some help about that.

    Anyone else got the same problem?

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    I've got the same issue. I have been testing for days with no issues. Today it just stopped sending rc data. It's still bound, and I rebound it but the issue remains. I'll be resetting to factory defaults tonight and seeing if that fixes it. Mine seemed to start right after I ran a Betaflight script not sure if they're related. Did you end up resolving your issue?

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    make sure your crossfire module and receiver are in the same mode, such as sbus,ppm,crsf........ happened to me the other, some how i had swapped one and although binded, they dont communicate. check it in betaflight.

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