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Thread: Wraith Micro 27.5" Build & Info

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    Don't turn your rates down in the radio, set them up mechanically. Closest to center on servo, all the way out on control horn. More resolution and power.
    Ahh ok i will try that then, thanx!

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    Have flown it 2 times now, first time i chrashed hard after 30sek (as i said before) but that was totally my fault i noticed, had put just 5v to vtx and it should be 7v+. Fixed that, glued the broken wing and the one of two things that holds the back part and made the plane straight again, even laminated some more on it for additional support.
    Today it was the second time, first lipo was horrible because it was flying like crap because i hadn't tuned it yet but it flew so i was happy. Second lipo something strange happen to the camera so landed and tuned it some more and checked the camera. Everything was good so i launched it again and i messed up and didn't get airborne for more than a second or two then put it down gently in the tall grass. Went over to it and the motorplate was ripped of, wtf!?
    I have THE worst luck with this plane (i am not not NOT!!! complaining on the plane just my luck). So now i must wait for new glue because i used it all up (sooo glad it shipped with two glue tho) and try to figure out how to strengthen the back because i don't want to buy a new one after 2 lipos only.

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