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    PM trappy or perna see what they can do for ya. don't forget to mention the tbs community is lookin for TBS fpv chairs eh LOL
    flyin HIGH

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    What is TBS doing with the units traded in? Will they be sold?

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    Trappy! Is it enough to send in the equipment without antennas?

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    The trade in ended long ago.
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    I can't speak to whether your original antenna need to also be sent in (doubtful), but Trappy did respond to my query about the trade-in program earlier this month by saying that it is in fact still running. Note that TBS have just introduced a new and much more affordable micro Crossfire unit, but I do not yet see it listed as an option on the trade-in program page.

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    the crossfire micro tx launch pretty much concludes the trade-in programme (only over-extended it for like a year. LOL). if you still want to get your exchanges, please make it happen within this week, after that I'll be shutting it down. send in whatever you want, we don't really care, it's more about the warranty. we pass the units down to the guy who scraps the boards for rare metals.

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