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Thread: TBS Software Releases

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    Quote Originally Posted by helio View Post
    Where do I find the change log or release notes for the TBS Crossfire firmware "XF TX BETA v1.65"?
    It is in Agent in the beta listing, click on "Release Notes" and scroll to the bottom of the page.

    Beta Release Notes

    Please send feedback to or post here:

    V1.65 2017-05-30
    - improved: CRSF support ( KISS FC telemetry and settings )
    - fixes: some CRSF telemetry frames

    V1.63 2017-02-15
    - added: CRSF parameters support
    - fixed: Increases CRSF channel range

    V1.62 2017-01-06
    - added: Crossfire TX non-inverted CRSF support for Graupner remotes (MZ-12 - MZ-24)
    - added: CRSF support for all receivers. Crossfire micro V2 and diversity support also CRSF telemetry.
    The receiver can be connected to betaflight sending RC and receiving telemetry using
    CRSF (betaflight 3.1.0 or higher required). Telemetry can be streamed to any OpenTX Remote.
    - improved: MAVLink library updated
    - imporved: OLED Menu text for better understanding
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    Quote Originally Posted by jifka View Post
    Right, I suspect it has something to do with TBS's support for the XJT module on SBUS since using PPM lets you access all of the channels. I just don't want to fly using PPM.
    Hello again, I bought FrSky XM+ receiver which is SBUS-only tiny receiver and I get all 10 channels with it using the same TX.
    So if you don't need PWM channels on the receiver I think this is a workaround. Also it is so tiny and light and also cheaper, I will use it as my daily receiver.

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    anyone knows whats the License update in TBS Agent is for?

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    Guessing it is for the FLARM aircraft anti collision update for CF. You need a license for each diversity receiver you want to use it on.

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    If the FLARM was fully integrated with ADSB then I'd consider an upgrade. Just not worth it for me in the USA with more ADSB vs Flarm.

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