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Thread: TBS Software Releases

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    any update on the rssi channel change for the core pro / fpvision? (for the new XM+ which has rssi on ch16 and no tlm)

    there is a firmware for the xm+ which puts rssi on ch 8, so no need for anymore.
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    I've updated to v 1.15 of the Tango firmware, and I'm still not seeing any way to get the radial dials bound to an AUX channel in betaflight with an FrSky receiver.
    I'm using an X4R-SB, and configured to use SBUS in Betaflight.
    In the Tango, the drone is using the XJT module and configured to be an FrSky DF16 (16 channel with SBUS support).

    The 2-pos and 3-pos switches work fine on the AUX channels, but the knobs do not.

    When I switch to PPM, the knobs work, but I don't want to use PPM. SBUS is the preferred protocol, and there are plenty of channels available on the receiver. I've also tried the DF8 (SBUS with 8 channels) and it also doesn't work.

    Is this going to be fixed? Is this being worked on? Is there something else I need to do to get those knobs to work with SBUS?

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    Perna, I'm hoping you could put the crossfire firmware version 1.09 back up. It's the only firmware that works good for me and I like being able to revert to it... when ever a new release comes out I like to try it and give it a shot, ya know.... and if it is bad for me I would like to not have to be stuck with it and be able to go back... 1.09 has worked the best for many people so you wouldn't just be putting it back up for me, �� but until it's there I can't try any newer versions because I'm afraid if it doesn't work properly for me I will have to shelve my x-fire system til it is or a newer version gets released that works. .

    I'm also wondering if there has been any hardware revisions of the crossfire components since it was released in 2015? Jw if anything was changed that would increase x-fire's reliability because even though 1.09 works the best, I've still not been able to eliminate the random failsafes, twitches, and loss of every channel above 1 - 4. Although it doesn't happen as much lately it still does. And it scares me. Vector also will tell me my gain knob was rotated when I didn't touch it, so that's part of the twitching issues I have. I've stopped using x-fire completely with my naza v2 controllers because it's real erratic.. loss of control many times 200 meters away.. my buddy totalled his f450 with naza v2 out.. he was flying along with no issues but a occasional twitch and all of a sudden the f450 started flying as if it was put into manual mode with no throttle.. it rolled 90 degrees to its side and dropped like a rock.. so. If their is a hardware revision that makes crossfire more dependable and robust I would really like to try it. ..



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    I still on 1.09 too. I use naza on 4 different tbs quads. I have never had a failsafe, glitch or loss of any channel above or below ch4 using 1.09. I have issues only when I try other versions. I gave up tryng new versions after 1.44. I luv my xfire, please don't take it away!!!! put 1.09 back up perna. too bad we couldn't get custom firmwares. I personally would be ecstatic with v1.09 with specktrum analyzer added and nothing else. no Bluetooth no mavlink no nothing. just sbus on ch7 and 8. I would hate to shelf my expensive xfire too. I have about $1000cad in rx's alone.
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