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Thread: crossfire bluetooth and tower app

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    crossfire bluetooth and tower app

    hello im a fpv newbie and new here on the forum. im running the crossfire with the diversity receiver. i wanted to know if anyone on here has been able to use the crossfire with the tower app. ive tried to see if anyone has posted a video to show you how to do it but i haven't found one yet. if it can be done can some one make a video with the tower app or whatever app they are using please.

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    If you're trying to run it with APM Copter or APM Plane, the feature is not yet generally available.

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    I ran the "Droidplanner" app on an Android tablet, Paired the Bluetooth first then it worked.
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    My bluetooth won't connect at all.. I can see it listed on my Ipad, laptop and android lg phone.. But I can't connect.
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    Have you tried Droidplanner? I cannot use Tower but Droidplanner works fine on my Nexus tablet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveMac View Post
    Have you tried Droidplanner? I cannot use Tower but Droidplanner works fine on my Nexus tablet.
    I use Droid planner with mine, and I'm getting a ton of latency and very poor performance. I'm using betaflight and Matek f405 flight controller. Can't seem to figure that out. Any thoughts on what the issue is?

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