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Thread: Status TBS Crossfire + APM MissionPlanner?

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    Question Status TBS Crossfire + APM MissionPlanner?

    What is the current status of the TBS Crossfire supporting/being supported by the APM MissionPlanner?

    Before my purchase, whenever I asked someone even remotely involved with it the answer was along the line of should work, it's planned or not tested.

    I tried establishing a connection between the Crossfire Tx and my Surface PRO using Bluetooth and while I was able to establish one on a Hardware Level ( between the Crossfire Tx and the Surface PRO ) the connection on the Software Level ( between the Crossfire Tx and the MissionPlanner ) didn't exactly work out.

    Similar to the CUAV RTB Bluetooth Radio Telemetry Module I'd also see two TBS Crossfire Connections available in the MissionPlanner but none of them would establish a connection when attempted to do so.

    So yeah... Does the TBS Crossfire, with the current Firmware ( Uhh... 1.00? ) installed, even support a connection with the MissionPlanner and if it does/should what are the suggested steps in doing that? Not much use trying to establish a connection while I'm assuming it is possible when it's not =)

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    I think mavlink support is still not complete.... but don't quote me on that.

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    Just tested it with my Laptop (Win10) and it looks like it can't establish a connection anymore since I updated to Win10. It was working on Win8 but I don't have a Surface to test it with. It looks like a Windows or Bluetooth stack issue for me. I have to look into this. So far I can tell it works with Win8 and Android.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perna View Post
    So far I can tell it works with Win8 and Android.

    Don't have Android and by now all my PC's are Windows 10...

    Thanks for looking into this ;)

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    Looks like a known Windows issue and they should provide a patch for this anytime soon. I guess we all updated to Win 10 too early :/ Hope they will work it out soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Durahl View Post

    Don't have Android and by now all my PC's are Windows 10...

    Thanks for looking into this
    enable Hyper-V on your Win 10 machine with the most RAM and install 8.1 on a VM.

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    Looks like my Win 10 Bluetooth is working again

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    Thanks in Advance

    Hmm... I'm not really making progress on my side =)

    I ensured there were no Updates available on my Surface PRO

    Went into the Bluetooth Settings:

    Like before, I find two Crossfire Devices...
    Crossfire 0895 Headset to which I'm able to connect to - Usually stays on Paired rarely see it on Connected
    Crossfire 0895 Device to which I'm unable to connect to - See below picture for the That didn't work Error Message

    Which of the two is the one I'd want to connect to begin with?
    If it's the one I cannot connect to - How do I do it?

    Here's the Bluetooth Settings COM Ports Dialogue which can be accessed from the first Screen:

    I assume we're using the Incoming one? ( also tested with the Outgoing one without success )

    Screenshot of the Device Manager:

    Crossfire 0895 Properties Driver Dialogue Window:

    Mission Planner 2 v1.3.32 Connection Attempt:

    Tried all 4 Bluetooth Ports ( I guess 4 of them showing up is a bug ) with 9600, 57600 & 115200 Settings - Always and immediately receive the Connection Failed Error Message.

    I've not yet established a connection between the Crossfire and the CUAV GPS/Pixhack using the TBS Blackbox - Is this an issue?

    If it is - Using a TBS Blackbox I'd establish a connection using the RADIO Port between the Blackbox and the Pixhack - Would that be correct?
    Any changes from the Default Settings on the CUAV Pixhack necessary to make this work?

    Thanks in Advance =)

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    Mhh... Just been digging around in my PC spare parts bin and found an old Bluetooth Dongle which I then used on another Windows 10 PC without native Bluetooth capability ( unlike my old Surface PRO ) and what can I say... After it installed the Driver it worked.

    I was able to get a connection between Mission Planner 2 and the TBS Crossfire Tx where it would attempt to establish a link to download Parameters - Which obviously wouldn't work as I'm still missing the GPS Link so I guess this being the next thing I've got to do.

    Curious by my finding I tried it again with the Surface PRO and suddenly there too it would work using the built Bluetooth - Not sure why it would suddenly work there too but hey... Beggars can't be choosers I guess.
    Could be that I MP2 already open and ready for a link while I established the BT Connection in Windows and the Crossfire still having the Connected status instead of just Paired.

    Looking forward to see more Mavlink Functionality being implemented =)

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    Well don't think this is going to happen any time soon? With the recent crossfire update there was no mention about implementing to mission planner. I'm using crossfire (868MHz) so what 3dr radio frequency to use 433 or 915 Or maybe I should just use bluetooth. At least that way I don't have to use usb cable for connecting pixhack to laptop.

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