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Hey Eric - really liking your new stuff - I threw this together quick and tried to make it fit the "cruising with altitude" track - although the altitude in this aerial for the most part is very low..


Thanks for sharing...I really enjoyed your video. I love the feeling of skimming along the lake...and the overhead shots looking straight down are great!

I guess this is "guitar mayhem week"...(well, mostly)...lol.

Anyhow, these new tracks on my Action 2 page might work in drone racing videos, extreme sports videos or maybe gritty action-oriented games:

"Guitar Mayhem2 " (Looping)
"Guitar Mayhem3 " (Looping)
"Guitar Mayhem4 " (Looping)
"Guitar Mayhem5 " (Looping)
"Guitar Mayhem6 " (Looping)

I did also manage to get one fantasy track done...it's on my Fantasy 7 page:

"Mystical Places" (Looping)

Have a good week! :-)