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    I just recently inherited a QQ190 with a Powercube.

    Matching up with the product pages on TBS' site, it appears my Powercube has the Colibi Race 2.0 flight controller (topmost board), and the FPVision VTX/OSD (bottom two boards). When I connect to TBS Agent, it says it is "TBS CORE PRO V2" running firmware version v2.01. The FC is running COLIBRI_RACE Betaflight 3.1.7 from April 3.

    In between, there are two 2-in-1 ESC boards. They look mostly like the 2-in-1 25A ESC on TBS' product page, except my boards do not have the 220uF 25V capacitor and it appears the components are a bit different than the board pictured on the product page (I haven't disassembled the cube to look really close, but it's clear the capacitor is not there).

    Can someone help me identify what I have? Is is an earlier rev of the 2-in-1 ESC board? If so, is there a link to the info for that rev somewhere?

    For the ESC I have, I wanted to know if it will support DSHOT (300 is fine, 600 would be better), and if so, do I need to remove a filter cap?

    For the Colibri Race 2.0 (and the entire Powercube), it looks from prior messages that it would support running Betaflight 3.2.x on it, correct? Any tips or gotchas in updating from the 3.1.7 that it has now?

    Many thanks in advance. I'd prefer to get the QQ190 up in the air as-is, with just a Betaflight update to 3.2.1 and config, and preferably running DSHOT300 or DSHOT600.
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    you could have the stock powercube that came with the QQ190, so likely it doesn't have the newer 25A 2in1 ESC layers that can run DShot600. if you take your cube apart, look underneath the ESC layer to see if they're 25A or the older 20A, which may be able to run DShot150/300. if they are 20A, you can run DShot600 after removing the cap. some new features in BF3.2+ require DShot capable ESCs, so find out exactly which ESCs you have on it first. FYI, the FPVision is just the single bottom layer which houses the Unify Pro vtx, CorePro OSD, and PDB.

    QuadQuestions configured that quad, so it doesn't hurt to hit them up with your questions. cheers!
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