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Thread: TBS Long Range Crossfire with eagle tree vector, what will eagle tree support say??

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    You can basically fly it until 0% just keep monitor LQ. If LQ drops below 50% you pretty much reached the range limit. RSSI in percent is not linear. I tried to linearise but it was even worse to read than how it is now.

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    Thank you. I'm not confident to fly with a RSSI bellow 40%, may be I should disable this indicator on my OSD and trust LQ.

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    Rssi is a good head up and great tool when used together with LQ.... Rssi on crossfire sits at about 50% after launch and when you start dropping LQ and toe Rssi is at 10 time to turn around. I've dropped LQ work 40 Rssi and kept going because I knew the signal was still good and just hit a bad spot ya know. . So together they are great. I wouldn't want to fly with only 1 of em.

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    Yeah, but I need a sustainable method to be confident...

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    The only way that will happen is by putting rssi and LQ on your osd, properly configuring it and go flying. ... make sure vector failsafe is properly set and tested and then go push the limits and don't be afraid to rely on vector to get your toy back. .. flying and pushing the limits is the only way your going to get use to your system.. and when you lose video or control signal then vector will bring your model back a couple hundred meters and then you retake control and fly home or around now knowing your limits and how your system operates.. every model and flying area is different... I can be confident in my setup one place and go fly 60 miles away at another spot and it Abra differently... rssi usually sticks around 50 on crossfire wroth dynamic power turned on and higher with it turned off.. I personally don't use it... with it on rssi and LQ can get low and then pop back up once it increases power.. I set it at 500mw and go fly and then my rssi and LQ are more predictable... with vector it's easy to change crossfire settings cuz it will fly the plane or copter while you adjust things. And my crossfire TX is on a tripod so it's even easier to change. 1 watt is the most I fly with and use 2 watts to get it back if I need to buy either way vector will bring it home or back into range.. I will fly out in all 8 directions and find out my systems limits and then change things trying to get more distance, which is the fun part for me. Crossfire is a pretty good system and iv think works best when used with 2.4ghz video.. and remember, if video or control gets crappy go up 100 meters and it will be back to normal. . The father you go the higher you have to go in order to keep things on the ground from getting between your TX and rx... but crossfire has gotten my dji flame wheel f450 with vector l, e305 propulsion system, 700mw immersionrc 2.4ghz vtx with ib crazy mad mushroom, 10 miles out with plenty between us.. my multi star 4 cell 10,000mah lipo gets me 45+ min of flight time and I use the immersionrc 2.4ghz patch with a uno2400. Another mad mushroom on another uno2400 on a antenna tracker with eagle eyes controlling everything, then use a 15mw 5.8ghz vtx to repeat the signal wireless to my goggles and monitor. .. 10 miles isn't bad at 115 meters.... once I've gone up to 1000 Meters and never reached then end of my vtx or crossfire signal at 500 mw output.. my battery was the limiting factor, but that all was 15 miles out.. 30 miles round trip.. I never lost the up or down links on either flights. So if set up properly you won't need to worry because crossfire goes far on 500mw! And 2.4ghz is a hell of a video signal too... so make sure vector is setup right and type fail safe is setup right with 115 meter altitude for return to home to guarantee you won't hit anything coming back without control. . It's OK to rely on vector. You don't want to throw your plane together half assed relying on vector, but if done properly you can. It's there for a reason... to save the day! If on a plane make sure you test vectors return to home thoughoughly though, because the wrong vertical gain setting and vector won't be able to hold alt... in a copter it's not so sensative... and always manually adjust control surfaces by adjusting clevises and not trims on vector or your radio... trims are to adjust for wind and such conditions only after the plane is mechanically setup and adjusted properly. I also recommend getting the new vector GPS if you don't already have it. The new one locks GPS and glonaas, so it's allot more accurate, able to hold a good lock Even in crappy conditions and it gets a home lock faster.. so it's all around way better.
    So properly setup your toy, shut dynamic power on crossfire off so rssi and LQ are easier to predict and go flying and get to know your craft and flight area. But only push The limit, ONLY after you have made sure return to home is setup properly.. and once you're sure it is you have absolutely nothing to worry about. . Just don't run out of battery and vector will get your craft back everytime... also setup the flight radar, then you will always know where your craft is relative to you. . I love that feature of vector! It's priceless...

    So good Luck brother, go have fun. .. if you live in Wisconsin I could even go flying with you and help you get comfortable with type setup... vector is by far the best flight controller for long range fpv! Pixhawk isn't bad either, but vector is allot easier to setup and works great everytime... Pixhawk cam be glitchy and a pain to setup, but it has allot more capability once you understand it. . But for beginners and even pros, vector is solid!

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    Thank you @Mark97564 for those advises, much appreciated. Unfortunately I'm far from you, living in the old continent... After some testing of the Crossfire and the Vector on 5.8, I'll fly 2.4 with a TBS 500mW but I'm doing things step by step. I'll try crossfire set at 500mW fixed and see what happens. Next step is testing and validating loiter then RTH. Then 2.4. Then the world

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