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Thread: How to calibrate motors/esc on Vortex?

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    How to calibrate motors/esc on Vortex?

    How do you calibrate? You have to plug in a battery to get to cleanfight, as you can't see it without. So how to perform the traditional method used on other platforms?
    Where would I hook power up if I wanted to use a 5V pack to power the Naze?

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    I'd like to know too. If it's necessary to do with the stock ESCs too

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    Ok, this worked.
    Hooked a receiver pack up to the +/- of my EZUHF and that provided both power to it, as well as the internals on the vortex.
    Then I could plug the usb into the vortex and run cleanflight.
    Go to the motors tab. Keep your RC Tx OFF.
    Select the checkbox that you understand the risks.
    Slide the master control to the top.
    Plug in your main battery and wait for the beeps.
    Then slide the master controller to the bottom, again wait for the beeps.
    Unplug your main battery.

    Make sure you don't use more than 6v on most receivers.

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    Thanks that worked.

    I wanted to know what this is for though, and if it's needed if we replace with the same rotorsense ESCs

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    This is for calibrating your motors and speed controllers to make sure that the same throttle settings effect them the same.

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    One of my motors is spinning much faster then the others.
    Maybe I could try recalibrating ESCs but I don't have an EZUHF nor a receiver pack.
    Can I still achieve this?

    Thank you very much.

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    I did it with a lemonRX, but most receivers will work i think. Just apply power to the receiver through a different channel.

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    which lemon and did you use the supplied vortex cable

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCUBASTEVE95 View Post
    which lemon and did you use the supplied vortex cable
    anybody know the answer to this question

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    Thank you Shadrackc. That worked for my ESC upgrade.

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