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Thread: TBS CROSSFIRE - Next Generation Long Range R/C System

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    have ypu connected your rx with the pix by mavlink on pin 7/8?

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    Hey Marc - Yes its connected. thanks for the reply.

    btw - very nice website you have, very helpful as well.

    OK - I just repowered everything and now i get voltage - [Face palm]

    I'm really not sure how that happened.

    many thanks again.
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    I just finally got a crossfire system and a couple micro receivers for my vendetta and qq190. This system is sick! Man I'm in love with the penetration and link quality. Only issue I have is my taranis constantly babbles at me that telemetry is lost and gained. Anyone here have the new q x7 and have solved this issue or know how? As a band aid I just deleted the two voice files for telemetry so I don't have to listen to it over and over.

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    cr3pitus, A couple of suggestions:

    * Have you disabled the internal RF module on the Taranis?
    * What settings for CRSF telemetry have you configured?

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    Mine is doing this CONSTANTLY, since moving from the Taranis Plus to the QX7, would love to know how to fix this, I've fiddled with the telemetry settings in the radio and within the crossfire and can't seem to nail down the issue. Hope someone can answer this. I also deleted my warnings as a bandaid.

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    Does it depend on the range or is it all the time? Is it about receiving the wrong value or timing out?

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