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Thread: TBS CROSSFIRE - Next Generation Long Range R/C System

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    Quote Originally Posted by austntexan View Post
    Thanks whakahere, that's great news! Revisited this topic w/my flying buddy this a.m. and he'd said he thought there may have been something amiss with the fw he was using on his Crossfire when he was doing the testing, it was 1.5 years ago, so. . . Such great news as it simplifies my entire setup. I'm planning on connecting to a PC and running Mission Planner, hopefully I have the same results. What I changed nothingfw version were you running, do you remember?

    I didn't update any firmware. I just have it stock. looks to be 2.11. It is pretty easy to set up too. Just use a telemetry port. I find it very useful ... especially when flying long distance of freezing days .... and needing to land not at home. damn batteries
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glowtape View Post
    Over in the Facebook group, there's mentions of trimming the MicroRX antennas by 7.5mm on each end, and it was apparently suggested by Trappy? Did I miss something?
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    Hahaha, no doubt. I was just thinking about wrapping mine in some space blanket mylar material. I wonder if that would make any difference with their temp? Thanks for the info on the crossfire!
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