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Thread: TBS CROSSFIRE - Next Generation Long Range R/C System

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    Just made a moxon for Crossfire to get the radiating elements away from my Horus
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    Trying to set up Inav with Xfire Micro V1, not having any success with it. I've updated Crossfire & Rx to 1.67, set Inav to serial SBUS Crossfire, the FC talks to the Inav config program just fine...I've tried inverted and non, I've tried both plugs for UART1 (FC designated for SBUS input), jumper is soldered for SBUS, pretty much changed everything I can and no joy. No matter what I do I have 1500 for all channels on receiver tab.

    Any suggestions?!?


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    did you set your micro TX on crsf as well? in the menu of the crossfire TX.

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    Micro V1 didn't have that option, only channels and link/RSSI choices. I just changed to SBUS in Inav config, SBUS on Crossfire, and now it's working...thanks! Your link didn't got me looking at things a little differently and life is good. Once I get it all working I can revisit why things didn't play nice together.

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    If anybody is looking for a working crossfire lua script for the X7. You can find it here.

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    the CRSF protokoll work that as well at the Horus with OpenTX? Or only Taranis?

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    I've accidentally chosen the wrong region for the Crossfire Micro Tx. Anyone know how to reset it? I tried updating it with the TBS Agent (only Beta available) and that didn't clear it.

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    is there a way to get serial bridge to work in a micro RX? I suppose not as it's normally on channel 7/8 and the micro only breaks out to 4? would love to have serial bridge and crsf protocol working simultaneously.

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    How can one get the RSSI in S-BUS with the Micro Rx v2?

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    hi everyone, i just get my crossfire tbs, and i do not get rc signal, from my spektrum dx9, i usa an external baterry to power the xfire, connet the jr cable and the transmitter boot up, the bound its ok, both are green, but no rc signal, what can i do, i have it connected with vector with sbus.

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