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Thread: Tonka Summit !!!!!

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    I'd love to see an FPV Tonka Dumptruck, that would be cool!

    hmmmmm 72mhz....hmmmmmmmm
    "Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills"- Author unknown


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    Quote Originally Posted by SENTRY View Post
    Are you guys using the 1/10 trucks or the 1/16? I'm assuming the 1/10.
    Yep, the 1/10th version. It could be more scale looking with a 1/16th but you couldn't do all the rugged stuff you can with the 1/10th as you might imagine.

    And,Scott... you could be the first!!!

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    Concept truck:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rootz View Post
    Thanks for the answer, Dave. There's no implied criticism in my question. To my eye, it's not exactly the prettiest car toy so I'm not precious about it. I thought there might be some kind of range advantage to having a metal body. That's why I was thinking of this for my E-Revo...

    ...not that I'd expect it to be as robust as a Tonka! LOL


    I looked at that Rover body and said "Oh, yes!" And then I went to the home page and saw this:

    Important information: I am not making bodies at this time. You can contact me but regrettably I am only checking email once or twice a month. Making these bodies has been great fun but unfortunately I no longer have the time to do so.


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