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Thread: MS Composit - Maxi Swift Flying Wing Kit (54" Wing Span

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    MS Composit - Maxi Swift Flying Wing Kit (54" Wing Span


    Do you have any more details on your new 54" Wing kit?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    No carbon spars? Do you have a picture of the bottom of the wing?
    How about a closeup of the bag of parts? Whats in it? Is there a motor mount in there someplace?
    Could you provide the dimensions of the wing chord at the center (root) front to back & also at the end of the wing excluding the elevon.
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    MaxiSwift directly from manufacturer needs this changes:

    1) You must add main carbon spar. It's OK to fly without it without FPV equipment, but if you want to carry +1kg of staff, it's not a good idea to fly without it.
    2) Forget the provided motor mount. It will not survive first hard landing. At least the motor plate itself must be replaced. Again - without FPV it's OK, but if you make the wing heavy, it must be replaced. What's more, it's only glued on the top wing - it's not enough for larger/stronger motors. I added second plate from plywood from the bottom.
    3) Add servo covers/savers. Or you can also mount servos on the upper side of wings - you decide.
    4) Reinforce elevons. It's absolutely must-done job - otherwise you will loose control in higer speed descents! You can recover by turning off motor, the wing is fat and will drop speed very fast, but believe me, you don't want to know that bad feeling of dead controls... Two flat carbon spars in X configuration in each elevon should make the job (see pictures).

    If you will make this adjustments, Maxi will become a good little puppy to fly with... Here are two pictures of my build - it's a pure white version of MS. It was my first FPV wing, in 2011 - and it's still in service and flying well. It has very little minimal speed, doesn't tent to

    And, finaly a very short video guide how to launch that little baby:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    ^^ what Jameson said!
    It was also my first wing and was very happy with it.
    Great floater, no speeder.
    During my first LOS test flights I managed to lose my motor in flight and still could land it letting it sink in the air, full back elevons...

    About the info you seek:
    Not much in the parts bag: plastic motor mount, plastic elevon control horns and clevis, metal control rods.
    Can't give you info on the chord but's thick!

    Plenty of reviews and builders around here.


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