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Thread: What battery are you using for 250-ish quad?

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    What battery are you using for 250-ish quad?

    Hey friends, if you are flying 3S 250-ish quad, what battery are you using the most? Size & C

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    What battery are you using for 250-ish quad?

    1300mah 35-45c

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    Anything from 1300mAH 45C through 1500mAH 35C will do the trick.

    You won't see too much difference in flight-times but if you use the 1300mAH packs you will notice the lower weight by way of more spritely performance.

    I've been using the Turnigy NanoTech packs with great success.

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    I primarily use Nanotech 1300 45C on my FPV250 Ghost edition and I fly for 6 minutes with plenty of reserve
    I also use Zippy 1800 35C on the same mini quad and fly for 8 minutes.
    I've also flown with 2200 mah batteries but that was pretty porky.
    It really flies best with the 1300

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    Right now, Pulse 35c 1350 are outflying every other 1300 size pack I own. They are slightly larger and a few grams heavier than my other 1300s, but not by very much. $19 out the door at the local hobby shop.
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    I use nanotech 1400mha
    I change the battery plug over.
    or you can buy
    which is the same battery.
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    What about zippy 1050 35c that I fly on my waljera master cp? could I hope for 5 min?

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    I fly nano tech 1500mAh 30-60C batteries. They come in at 116g, which is lighter than the nano-tech 1300mAh batteries.

    I used to go with "low" discharge (35C) zippy compact 1800mAh and 2200mAh but there is way too much voltage sag towards the end which means flight times aren't any longer (sometimes shorter with the 2200mAh) than my 1500mAh setup.

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    3s 2200 30c batts

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    How does it feel wirh your 450 class heli batts? Have same batts but would consider the smaller 1050 mah packs instead. What air time you get?

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