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Thread: World speed record with 250mm (or under) size quad

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    If I could predict to that accuracy I'd start preaching about the future how the world is gonna end and so on. Smth like Nostradamus but start a cult with loads of women in my bed and holly beer to bless you all with!!!

    It's not the carbon fluffies, it's that yellow kevlar, carbon is fine. On the top of that piece it's more clear- black carbon is smooth, yellow kevlar is fluffy
    If you're a noob, copy 1:1 what somebody already flies without too much questions, you'll find the answers later.
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    Oooops, thought I typed kevlar....

    personally I think you're well on your way to Nostradamusification... I mean you already have a cult like following... albeit guys... but don't worry the beer and women will follow

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