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Thread: Headtracker pan keeps moving [SOLVED]

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    Just some input:

    I've been having the same problem with the pan returning to center, and then overshooting when I return my head to the center position. It was impossible to fly like that.

    Not wanting to wait for a fix, or sending my goggles overseas to a repair center(would be a very lengthy/risky process from where I live), I decided to have a crack at replacing the IPD slider rods myself.

    It was quite easy once I got the guts to open up the goggles. The 2.5mm rods just slide out if you pull on them with pliers (and they tested to be very attracted to a magnet!), and I replaced them with two (grade 304 or 316??) austenitic stainless steel rods which I then hot glued to stay in position (cut them from a cooking grid found in my girlfriend's kitchen shhh ), and I tested a spare piece to have no attraction to a magnet.

    The result:
    The drifting seems to have completely disappeared. I've flown 5 flights now with no issues (except one time it started drifting away from centre rapidly, but quickly resetting the head tracker fixed that).

    Thanks to all for helping to find, and to Fatshark, for explaining the issue. Hope everyone gets their goggles sorted out quickly!

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    Most of us are quite handy with a screwdriver. Any chance we can just have a new stainless steel plate sendt to us and do the fix ourselves ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daggad View Post
    Most of us are quite handy with a screwdriver. Any chance we can just have a new stainless steel plate sendt to us and do the fix ourselves ?
    If you're as impatient as me, just try and find any 2 stainless steel rods, 2.5mm in diameter, and 75mm long, or as long as the existing ones (mine was 73.6mm long if I remember correctly, but the length doesn't seem too critical.

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    Thank you so these are not bendt in any way just acting as spacers for the IPD knobs ?

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    Not bent, just two straight, 2.5mm diameter stainless steel rods holding the two lenses in position, relative to a center piece. Each rod goes through the left eye piece, the center piece, and then the right eye piece. The left and right eye pieces slide easily along the rods, and with a a little bit of a pull with pliers, the rods will slide through the center piece as well. Open it up and you will see exactly what I mean.

    And after you've slid in the new rods, just apply a little bit of hot glue where the rods meet the center piece, so the rod doesn't slide freely through the center piece again (just the left and right eye pieces should slide freely relative to the center piece).

    Just be careful when opening the goggles and separating the top and bottom parts of the casing, there are some very fragile looking wires & connectors running between the top and bottom of the goggle casing. I unplugged some of the connectors while working to avoid accidentally tugging on the wires and to be able to seperate the top and bottom of the goggle casing a little bit more from each other.

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    Thanks for the DIY solution, I want to get this fixed on mine, but don't want to be without them with summer (almost) here.. still haven't seen anything in regards to if FS is accepting this for repair and what the turn-around time would be, last I saw they where waiting to get the rods in stock. May have to contact them or book an afternoon off and do some goggle surgery...

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    does this affect the HD3 as well?

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    It shouldnt. Farshark is aware of the problem and started using new rods

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