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Thread: Official "CleanFlight" Flight Controller Software, Information Thread

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    Official "CleanFlight" Flight Controller Software, Information Thread

    Official "CleanFlight" Flight Controller Software, Information Thread

    Cleanflight is a firmware and GUI set that can be used on multirotor aircraft and fixed-wing aircraft, it supports a variety for shapes and motor counts, and is not limited to quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, tricopters and planes. Cleanflight is Open-Source flight controller software which is 32-bit version of the original 8-bit MultiWii code.

    Firmware Source

    GUI Source

    Firmware Download

    GUI Download



    IRC Channel

    CleanFlight Videos

    Hey folks, I want to offer some information about this project, so here we go. CleanFlight is an OpenSource project started by Dominic Clifton. Dominic is a wonderful programmer with great vision and the ability to unlock the full potential of the latest 32 bit flight controllers. With that said, this project cannot progress on the back of a single person. The CleanFlight project needs people. You don't have to be a genius coder to get involved, all you need is a passion for learning, and the drive to get involved.

    In the links above you will find everything you need to be a part of this project. You will need to learn how to navigate in the GIT environment (it's not that hard, lots of video tuts on the net), and you need to follow the protocols described in the documentation. It's called Cleanflight because everything is neat and clean based on the best practices model. Once you lean to navigate GIT, you can help in many ways. You can offer suggestions, feedback on performance, help fix bugs, help write documentation, heck you can even code. To get involved with any aspect of the project, all you need to do is express interest, and people on the team will help guide you. But remember, it's up to you to want it.

    To get started you will need clone the entire project or just the portion of the project that you are interested in, make changes, then submit them. You can do this by installing GIT on your computer and cloning everything to your hard drive, or you can use the links above to work online. To clone/make a copy, what you do is make a fork (click fork icon), then you make the changes you want and save it. Once you think your changes are ready, you submit a Pull Request (click Submit Pull Request icon), and a member of the development team is notified and reviews your changes. If everything looks good, they accept the changes (commit) and you become an official contributor of the project.

    Contributing to the project isn't difficult, but does take some time to learn to navigate the GIT environment. You can contribute at any level, from simple descriptions and documentation to full on flight controller coding, you can even submit feature requests. In the end there is so much to do, and the project can only move as fast as the people involved. So if you are the kind of person interested in tinkering with PID's and playing in the command line, you might strongly consider becoming involved with CleanFlight.

    In this thread, we will talk about Cleanflight as a project, offer news, and how to's. Many people associate Cleanflight as a firmware to replace Baseflight (Naze 32 firmware & GUI), but it's much more. The project did start off as an off spring of BaseFlight, however CleanFlight isn't being designed to drive just the Naze 32 boards, it's designed to be a firmware solution for many different 32 bit flight controllers, current and future.

    In the video below (skip the into with the dog, fast forward to 1:45) you will see the man behind the curtain Dominic Clifton also known as Hydra talk about Cleanflight, offer some examples of what he is doing, provide his vision for the future, and offer an incite as to why he started the CleanFlight project.

    I hope the members here at fpvlab get involved with the Cleanflight project, and I look forward to seeing your projects, and trying to help you with any of your questions. I may not have all the answers, but I know people who do . Also if you need access directly to many members of the Development Team, install an IRC client on your computer, and visit the #cleanflight channel (IRC is like text messaging on a computer). On IRC, go ahead and ask your questions, even if the person you want to talk to isn't active, they will see your questions when they return, and just might respond , it's just like texting on a cell phone.

    Happy Flying, AKf.
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    This project is great. I am running CF on one of my mini's and I like where it is headed.

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    Awesome Thanks Akf!

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    Great News, One-Shot is now a standard feature in Cleanflight (CF Oneshot)

    For all you FPV racers, if you use a KISS ESC with oneshot, life as a multirotor pilot changes real quickly.

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    Here is somthing interesting. I have always loved the BlackBox recorder on my XA's SuperX flight controller. Well... it seem there is something kind of new, "Sherlock Flight for Cleanflight", the firmware is experimental, but I cant wait to see it become a polished piece of code.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Very cool, looking forward to trying out Cleanflight

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    I use CF, I like the auto tune feature. It really helps dial in a build, plus when you get the new PID's it kind of makes you think on how we manually tune these things.

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    I am watching Live as Hydra brings the Sparky Board (next gen FC) 9 axis Gyro, Baro, Compass, ACC) to life with Cleanflight. Ths sparky uses the MPU-9150, and the STM32F303 chip

    Hydra_> i just plugged in a sparky to my pc and connected up the swd port and got a debugger attached.
    Hydra_> cleanflight coming soon to a sparky near you ;D
    velyks_> sparky?
    Hydra_> 9150 + baro $35!
    Hydra_> F303 processor
    Short Break
    Hydra_> YES!!!  Got cleanflight booting up on the Sparky! :D
    Hydra_> YES! Got the VCP working on the sparky!  No uart cable needed!
    Hydra_> ahah! i can talk to it.
    Hydra_> sweet, i2c bus working then :D
    Akfreak> YESSS! Exciting 
    Hydra_> YES! i have the little box moving in the GUI on the sparky!
    Hydra_> acc + gyro = working
    Tobad_> sweet man
    Hydra_> i got some PWM output too, but need to work on the timmer mapping.
    Tobad_> looks like that board have lots of potential."
    Cool stuff, I just wanted to share with you guys what it looks like when new stuff happens.

    EDIT: Sparky Lives lives with Cleanflight
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    CleanFlight lives on a Sparky

    Some brief Information about Cleanflight on a Sparky Board can be found here can be found here. Attached is the Binary for Cleanflight on the Sparky Board.

    What To Do.
    Flash using the stm flash loader just as you would a Naze 32 board . One Should always backup current settings before flashing any New Release firmware. It's important to understand how to install TauLabs bootloader back on your board, if you wish to return to original setup.

    The process for flashing is described in the naze32 manual except that you use CONN1/UART1/FlexiPort to flash. Flashing via USB is in development.

    It's possible to build a binary for the CC3D that kept the OpenPilot bootloader. One would imagine, the process for keeping and using the TauLabs bootloader is very similar.

    Click Below For Zipped Binary

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