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Thread: uThereRUBY

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    Me too. I'd love to build new wing and test it with Ruby 2.

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    Ruby system for sale here: $250 - new, never flown

    Edit: I also have the high power Telemetry modules (aircraft + ground station) for sale separately. Please PM if interested in either.
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    Jim- I'm really glad you guys have transitioned into the commercial space, because the hobby space was always going to take too much hand-holding (no offense to my droners-in-arms, but this stuff is complicated even under the best of circumstances).

    Best wishes for the Ruby II.

    Loving my plankton.

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    Well done Jim. Nice to see you doing what you love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrwperformance View Post
    Sweet! A response from the man himself. All of that sounds quite cool. What is this possible "Ruby 2" going to improve upon over the original? I don't think it really needs much...maybe improve the board layout for better wire management. I think that is about my only complaint.

    I'd love to build up a Drak with an improved Ruby. And I'm up for beta testing if you need any far north cold weather testers...
    All, sorry for the "dead thread" digup.


    I too am in your shoes. I purchased a couple ruby FCs back when I was stationed in Korea. There was an instance where the Pitot tubes were backwards and it wasn't caught during the configuration testing and things didn't end well. Now, a couple years later, things are settling down, I'm nearing retirement and I'm digging out the ol' Ruby hardware AND just purchased a Z3 & Drak. So, my plan is to fix the Skyhunter (existing ruby install) and leaning towards the other Ruby going into the Drak. I have significant negative outcomes with using a Vector (ie: EVERY aircraft I've flying it with has crashed). That being said. It looks like there is a significant turn around with Jim and the Ruby at this point (couple weeks????)

    As far as I know, you and I are the only two Alaskan operators of Ruby hardware and I know we spoke years ago. Have you moved on from Ruby or still flying it with success?

    Thanks for your help!


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