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Thread: Post your positive uses of FPV here.

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    Hello All.

    At June 15th, a cyclist started cycling from my home town in central Greece, reached Germany Munchen and came back in 14 days. That is a 4000 kilometers distance... ! This was done for charity reasons, raising money for Children's Smile, a non profit organization. This is his site...
    I had the idea of following his journey with a model plane up until my country's frontiers, because we didn't have any money to go further... The idea was that image from the plane wireless reached our van and we used that image to instantly (live) upload it on for all our friends to watch in real time! One of my town's public services company was called to help and they helped indeed (

    I should actually characterize this project as TPV, from the Tail Person View words, as I only had a camera on the rear side of the plane shooting the convoi... I was flying the plane LOS from next to the driver's seat on the Van! A simple example of how FPV could be used for traffic image and other reasons...

    Sometimes you have to work really hard and take all the necessary risks, if you need to prove to the rest of the world the uselfulness of Sport aviation in general... It was Really hard. Plane was not slow-appropriate enough and when Stelios was on an uphill with a tail wind, ohhh... I coudn't catch up with him.

    Thanks for watching the video too...

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    Radio lock-out in 3.. 2..
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    Hi to all,

    I think that concerts and big events can be great to get aerial footage from. I got this idea from some guys who decided to fly a multirotor over Project-X Haren (the Netherlands), just to see what it looks like from above, and were interviewed by a radiostation I listen to.

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    Railway inspection. Easy job for long and remote tracks like those used for gypsum and logging.

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    I've been wondering about the viability of using FPV for search/rescue and hunting. FLIR would be amazing!

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    @ enoru12,

    It is actually illegal to use this type of gear for hunting in the US. I had a buddy that wanted me to fly "over the hill" to help him spot out Nelgi at the King Ranch in South Texas... We decided to check with a game warden about doing it and he said you cant use electronic visual spotting or tracking aids or aircraft to hunt. Yeah, there is some gray area there,(hogs are considered pest so I think its fair on them) but since a game warden has more stroke than any other law enforcement agency, We decided to leave that one alone!!!


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    Hog hunting is exactly what i was thinking about. It's such a problem on parts of the country it'd be a big advantage.

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    @Deltaman: that is a very impressive setup and achievement. It is obvious that it took a lot of planning, design and coordination. Congratulations on a job well done. Bravo!

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    > rotary65, Thank You Sir! It took us about a month to prepare and another month of testing, but that's all the time we had before the actual event!

    > Of course Concerts and Big events can be covered with our aerial platforms, especially hovering ones for that matter...

    > Hunting? Oh, heh, you could have a use there, I'm particularly thinking of these enormous Kenya flatlands where animal run to all directions... but I'm not into hunting, so... You need Huge ships too if you would have to fire from them!
    I think that War & Hutning and such should be kept as the Last-Final acts for FPV/UAV, because when you have such human activities Unmanned, then things are a bit difficult... target & meaning is Lost.

    > Search & Rescue, Yes, we should also put our efforts on that field with full-house wings for slowing down and speeding when necessary. Quads and such can also have a nice application here.

    > Myron... VERY NICE of you to ask the Game Warden's opinion & license. You Sir have a character that all fpv modellers should have. I'm the first example of Not being such a guy, unfortunately, but I wanna be like You!
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    Just outside ATL GA

    GCA Annual Field Day

    I filmed by kids charter school field day at Stone Mountain Ga. Had a crowd of kids around me all day watching the Tri-copter fly and found myself explaining how the Multi-Wii flight computer works.

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    @ Delta.. thanks! but self preservation is a priority of mine so before I do something that might get me fitted for bracelets I will look into it!!!.. Youtube up FPV hog hunting.. I think there is a guy in LA. using FLIR to locate hogs... Not sure what the legalities are....

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