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Thread: RCFox - Videoblog

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    RCFox - Videoblog

    Hy Guys!
    For me FPV is one of the best things ever happened to my hobby and thats why i will show you me new Videos here to be Part of my FPV _ Experience.

    If you like my Videos it would be cool if you add my YT Channel to your favorits!

    My newest Video:

    Blackout - Parkproximity

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    Made some Basic Proximity flights des last Weeks.... Video is ready enjoy!

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    Hy guys,

    Today we had a fpv meeting in a nice little groups and it was very funny, that weather could be better because it was raining all the time so we had to use the little timewindows for the sun.

    All in all it was a nice flying day, some crashes (Z1 - total damage) and some funny mistakes but i was a great time.

    Little video of the day.


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    New Tease Out

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    Here you go.. one of my best flights till now,.. 1.5km over the Lake.. it was awasome

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    What happens if you take a Nano Quad to a 1600 mile journey with you?
    You get some awesome footages!
    We went over 14 Mountain Passes, through canyons and so one, every time i could take my quad out of the Top Case i made a flight and here is the Video therefore.

    Enjoy and please add my Channel

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    Nice Event with 20 other FPVs like RcSchim and Hover82,.. take a look

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    Had some nice flights in the Park with a friend how was spotting....

    Hope you like it!

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