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Thread: TBS CORE PRO - Full-feature OSD from the sheep that matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trappy View Post
    rlage, this is why we include 5 "BST" cables in various lenghts. the sensor can be placed wherever, in releation to the CORE, and the CORE can be placed wherever, in relation to the camera (with optional "TBS59/69 camera cable", for example).

    ROne21, read the FAQ please it's not related.
    Thanks, but also consider a longer cable to connect to EzUHF. You will heard CORE noise questions on the EzUHF band, so be prepared .

    I mean this for old school fpv guys using radians, easystar etc will be a revolution . Really simple to install on those using 4S. I am just cleaning my Easystar .
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    Will it work with naza - summary

    Quote Originally Posted by j0bro View Post
    Is the GPS exclusive for the OSD or can you piggyback on any GPS receiver that people probably already have installed? In the end it's just a serial port that you can multiplex. I don't like the idea of adding an extra GPS rx solely for OSD of its data.


    Quote Originally Posted by Trappy View Post
    as mentioned earlier, we will add an option to interface with the most popular flight control(s) via a separate device that will also perform other tasks.For the next 2-3 months, you will need to rely on the built-in GPS to get GPS functionality More on that later, a few hints are dropped in the manual.

    = August Naza integration

    Quote Originally Posted by manual
    BST - GPS conversion adapter
    We have developed a conversion adapter which allows you to use existing gear you might already have, e.g. DJI GPS puck or EzUHF GPS.
    No. We are working on a unit that will translate the GPS information. This should be available mid August (no promises ... you know how well they hold up). It will be a separate add-on and work together with the TBS CORE PNP PRO.

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    Hi Trappy,

    What is the expected cost, and how does it integrate with the existing core on disco pro?
    I read the manual and while it makes a lot of sense for wings and direct connections to camera and vtx, there isn't much info on adding it to a tbs disco with an existing core.

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    Trappy are you trying to bankrupt me?

    Please! I have a wife and children to feed!

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    rlage, 50cm is a lot of cable. if that's still not enough, you can cut and combine two (e.g. 50cm and 20cm).

    scottyten, we will amend the manual. the CORE PRO will just stick on the current tin shield, with a separate cable connected from the DISCO PRO VTx Port to the CORE PRO's CAM port. it's plug and play. for super-clean install, one can remove the XT60s on the current sensor and solder them in-line with the wires.

    Standard, I'm trying hard not to the pricing is very competitive. the OSD unit will be 89.95 and the GPS will be 79.95.

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    @scottyten: Hah lol you read the manual, I didn't. But yeah, it states exactly what I was thinking. BST, I like it. Will allow for some cool applications for sure:
    - Taranis integration
    - GCS track 'n' trace
    - Smartphone apps
    - etc.

    Nothing new, but still awesome.

    And just because it's nice, here's a picture of yesterday's evening dual Caipirinha chase (hope we didn't get 'Flew like a girl' lol):

    Click image for larger version. 

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    From my understanding, CORE PRO has nothing to do with existing CORE on either Disco or Disco PRO. It complete in itself.


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    prestigio, correct.

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    What are the parameters to "Flying like a Girl"?
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    you will need to find out yourself rest assured, the GPS is very fair and will not hesitate to tell you if you flew like a girl

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