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Thread: *Facepalm* My own town considers "drone legislation"

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    *Facepalm* My own town considers "drone legislation"


    Thankfully, despite efforts by Dan Ward to have even private "drones" banned in Amherst, Town Supervisor and Council president Barry Weinstein overrode him and pointed out that the town has very little authority in that regard, and reduced the resolution to banning the town government and police from using them. (I voted for Barry, he's a good guy)


    The above resolution and a second by Councilmember Mark Manna have been referred to the Government Study Committee. (The news article gets the committee name slightly wrong)

    I'm going to be collecting as much legal information as I can and sending it along to the Government Study Committee via the Town Board liason.

    If anyone here can make recommendations on informational links to send along I would be gratified. I'm going to be searching the forums myself, but anything you guys can do to help out would be great.

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    Too bad it is Amherst, NY and not Amherst, VA. Around here VAS is pretty well-known and most people are accepting us. The question is where is this fear-mongering coming from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IBCrazy View Post
    The question is where is this fear-mongering coming from?

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    These politicians piss me off! They dont have any evidence of anyone doing what they claim to be saving everyone from yet they are out there fear mongering just the same. I would love to see someone ask for some evidence of hobby uas spying on people and watch them squirm because they have none!
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