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Thread: TBS Discovery with Core Issue

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    TBS Discovery with Core Issue

    Attention Trappy:

    I purchased a TBS discovery and core seperately and soldered them together from Once I got it assembled I found the the OSD from the core flickers really bad in bright light. If I am outdoors the readout of the voltage, current, and mAh goes bonkers bouncing back and forth from the top of the screen to the middle. The actual video is fine just not the OSD readout. I talked with and they wanted me to post here first to see if there was a quick solution to solving this problem before trying to unsolder it and send it back. I am using a Sony 600 tvl camera and an Immersion 5.8 Ghz 600 mw VTx. I'm also using fatshark dominators for fpv. When I soldered the core onto the board I checked for shorts and enabled the OSD. I would like to figure out if maybe the core is having problems or if something else is causing it.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Well I figured out the problem. I discovered that the core doesn't like LC filters in the circuit because once I took it out the OSD readout was perfect. Problem solved!

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    yup, it's actually related to the video level, guess the LC filter changed it (not sure how it would do that) or it disturbed the sync detection of the main processor in some other way.

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    Yeah it gave me problems. Finally I decided to remove it and to my amazement it worked perfect. Thanks!

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