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Thread: CPATCH12: The most compact long range 1.2GHz antenna

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    As I like to make stuff and save some cash along the way, I thought I'd build a CPATCH12 clone.

    I do believe it's built well??? as the video at times is fantastic!???
    And I've seen some that are hacked up and still work well?
    I'll post the video soon. :-(

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    Here's the video...

    If anyone has any ideas????
    Please help????

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    Hm, you probably messed up distance between ground plane and patch with 3D printed stuff and reversed backplate. Hard to tell without measurements, but this antenna isn't very wideband - so need to build precisely.
    Try to reverse ground plate (foil should look inside); also, which antenna on plane?

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    Hi ABL,
    Thanks for the reply...

    The distance is a perfect 15mm as detailed in the website I got the drawings from...
    The original patch from CW has the copper foil facing rearward and I stuck to the dimensions exactly.

    The ground plane is connected to the ground element of the coax cable...

    I actually think I have found the problem. Look at the video and it's fine until I move the plane....
    On the bench, I removed the 5.8 relay and plugged a monitor into the VRX.
    Great picture but when I picked up the plane... the image went bad again...
    I then played with my leads in the model and I got the picture to go from good to bad to all gone and back again...
    I am convinced that the issue is actually the leads...???
    I could of course be wrong but I am making a new lead set up and I'll report back...

    Thanks again.


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