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Thread: TBS GROUNDSTATION - official thread

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    There just so happens to be a dude on the RCGroups FPV Classifieds selling his TBS GS and some other 2.4 gear.

    Couple posts down.
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    Have not used my TBS GS for quite some time but fired it up yesterday and got four beeps and then nothing on the screen, the LED's at the side in the sockets light up.

    After trying it a few times it finally started up okay and works fine.

    Today I plugged the battery in and back to the same fault.

    What should I be checking?


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    Hello, I just bought a TBS groundstation secondhand and I'm about to buy a unify pro (5.8) for it. How does everyone mount the vtx to the groundstation? I found a neat print on thingiverse but that's for the Greenhorn and the unify has that flexible one with the sma mount. I also need to get a tripod and a Yagi so any recommendations would be great. Thanks

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