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Thread: TBS GROUNDSTATION - official thread

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    TBS GROUNDSTATION - official thread

    Compact, elegant, integrated, portable. Many more attributes can be given to the TBS Groundstation. In the end it boils down to the only thing you'll be using from here on forth as your receiver, video splitter, (backup) screen, and more.

    At the heart of the Groundstation is a built in 2.4GHz receiver feeding a 4" LCD screen and four buffered video outputs, protected by a custom aluminum enclosure. A barrel connector provides juice to your video goggles, allowing you to power everything off a single 3S battery. The built-in low voltage alarm lets you know when the fun is over before the lights go out.

    The four video outputs are split across two RCA connectors and two custom, locking RJ45 connectors. These inhibit cable slips for your most vital cabling. You can use the supplied cables to connect your video goggles, or make a DIY RJ45 socket for a totally clean, locked connection between your video receiver and display device. The RJ45 connector runs power, audio and video.

    A USB power connector makes it possible to charge your GoPro during flight breaks or power a Raspberry Pi if needed. Last but not least, the TBS-style Video Tx connector is waiting for a TBS GREENHORN to broadcast to your video goggles wirelessly. Plug & play, obviously, why should it be any other way?

    More infos here:

    4" LCD screen
    2x video out Cinch
    2x audio/video/5V/12V RJ45 port
    12V power supply for goggles
    USB charger
    Low voltage alarm
    Video transmitter port for broadcast
    16 channel receiver, fully Lawmate (TBS) and Airwave (ImmersionRC, Boscam) compatible
    XT60 port for power input (3S LiPo required)
    Dimension: 10.7cm x 8.5cm x 4.5cm

    Suggested Equipment:
    TBS 11dB Yagi (up to 10km range)
    TBS Groundstation LiPo or any 3S 1500 - 5000mAh battery
    Lawmate 2.4GHz transmitter
    TBS GREENHORN 25mW for broadcast

    Package includes
    1x RJ45 Connector
    1x Tripod thumb screw
    1x Antenna mount screws

    259 USD
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    very nice. 259 dollars . i need to save for this
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    259 USD - sorry, will amend on top.

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    Ordered and paid!!!!

    Can't wait.

    Trappy can we order extra RJ45 cables?

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    cant wait

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    Yeah, the ground station is nice, but I really want the T-shirt behind Trappy in the video.
    Shut up and fly.

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    Pre-launch thread with some interesting discussions,

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    Any audio out for antenna tracker?

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    yes on the rj45. you can hack up any flat patch cable and feed the audio to your tracker

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