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Thread: Component Repair Service!!!

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    I think I can do the repair, having done similar soldering repair previously.
    My question is more to know if after a reversed polarity there is a good chance that only this component is fried and if anybody knows where to get a new one or a similar one.
    I tried to look on internet what kind of component it is and where to purchase one but could not find any info.
    Also, maybe someone knows exactly what component it is and if another model can be used, easier to purchase, and with the same characteristics ?

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    I just over voltage my RX-F801 (on the Board it s a RX-F702...B<)
    or i incert the polarity

    how to find the burned components ?
    and where i can found a new one ?
    thanks for your help
    i join a pict of the RX


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