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Thread: Zipcro mount: A super-easy fixed mount for Sony FPV board cameras

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    Zipcro mount: A super-easy fixed mount for Sony FPV board cameras


    Thanks FPVLab members for your help to an FPV newbie in trying to retrieve his lost Bixler. On that Bixler was a camera mount I devised with materials on hand, that I'd like to share. Apologies in advance if this mount is so obvious that it's already well known!

    • Costs pennies
    • Adjustable
    • Vibration-dampening and shock-absorbing
    • Uses only zip ties, velcro, plastic bottle, and SecurityCamera2000 packing foam
    • You can tape the camera cable to one of the zip ties to relieve strain on its connection to the board

    • Zip ties thin enough to slip through the slots on the outer rim of the camera board, but thick enough to catch on the slots' edges when bent at an angle
    • Adhesive velcro (I used HobbyKing blue stuff)
    • 1-2mm thick plastic (I cut mine from a plastic milk bottle)
    • Optional: rubbery (not brittle) foam to elevate the camera to keep the plane out of view, dampen vibration, and absorb shock. The foam that SecurityCamera2000 packs their cameras in is perfect!

    Assemble the Zipcro according to the pictures.

    You can swap spacers of different thicknesses or shapes to accommodate different planes or lenses. All that is necessary is to make sure that the velcro on one side of the spacer is "hook" and the other side "fuzzy".

    The zip ties I used were just small enough to pass through the slots. With smaller ties, you may have to tape or even hot-glue them in the slots once you get the desired angle.

    The camera barrel conveniently prevents the zip ties from slipping inward in their slots.

    To adjust the pitch (up-and-down) angle, feed the zip ties through the slots. Keep the loops that pass in front of the camera board loose until you get the right angle. Then, the more slack you take up in the loops, the more the zip ties will wedge inside the slots and lock the camera in position. Limited roll adjustment can be made by adjusting only one of the zip ties.

    For more extreme pitch or roll adjustment, make a spacer by sticking narrow strips of male and female velcro together.

    The Zipcro mount served me fine on my Bixler (until I crashed it into a jungle… see my other thread). There was no discernible jell-o, vibration, or flexing due to wind buffeting.

    Improvements for the future:
    • Use large shrink wrap, tape, or other covering to protect the camera against the elements
    • Make the spacer more aerodynamic, not just a cube

    Hope this DIY is useful to someone. The one in the pics is the 2nd one I've made and I'm going to mount it near the tip of the wing of my FPV Slow Stick.
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    So simple. Brilliant!!

    Thank you!

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    Haha you made my day Lanza! Thought my post was utterly useless until now! To think I had visions of "Zipcro" eventually being added to the vocabulary of the average FPV-er!

    I hereby anoint you Lord Zipcro. Use your powers justly.

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    hehe I'll carry my new title with pride and future Zipcros will be properly laser engraved ...

    At this point you should be in version 10 or you moved on to more mundane and commercial solutions?

    Post newer pictures if you have.

    Thank you.

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