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Thread: How to get Customer Support from TBS

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    I ordered my discovery kit the other day and payed for 3 day shipping. I live in the US and the kit comes from HK. How do I know when it is shipped or when I will receive it?

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    I can answer that for you.

    When the package is dispatched you will be emailed with the tracking number. You can then track the package via the UPS website, or a tracking app (I use the Parcel App on my iPhone and Mac, The UPS shipment tracking is really good with updates at each stage. I have yet to have anything arrive in 3 days, usually 4-5, but that is always due to local customs clearance.

    Hope this helps.

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    This is pathetic. Can't they say this on their website? This is when I inquired about my order.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Order will be delayed for more than a week because of the Chinese New Year holiday, sorry about that.

    Most likely, it will be shipped 10 days time. We are still waiting for the top plate to come in.*

    Hoping for your kind understanding.

    Best regards,

    Customer Service Representative
    TBS Avionics Co Ltd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamburn View Post
    Dear Trappy,
    The website is down and I would appreciate to get a hold of the L1D manual, as I want to connect it to my Remziby OSD and I want to make sure I'm connecting it to the right connectors.


    One of your staff (Sherell) sent me the manual and I thank you very much for it. It did help a lot.



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    Trappy pleaee help me cancel a order i would like to order a pro frame but i first need the refund on the discovery witch is not in stock ive been waiting since thurs...thanks
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    we've been on vacation since thursday noon. our support crew is back tomorrow. if you can't wait let me know your order no and what to cancel.

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    Omg your the best!! Looked on the site and the are letting me cancel will it be instant
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    One more thing trappy i just canceled the order by clicking the little red x. How long will it take for the money to go in my account?? And the order form still looks open can i add the pro on to the same order?? I appreciate ur help
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    it's already in your account. the refund is instant. I have arranged for your shipping to be refunded as well.

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    Hey trappy had a question about the pro frame is there any way i can order the plates and core and gimbal only??im tryin to aim for less than 500 or just about. Ill buy the rest piece by piece when i get paid
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