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Thread: How to get Customer Support from TBS

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    I have raised a support ticket 5 days ago and have had no response.... what is the next step? PayPal dispute?
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    No, just relax.. they will take care of you. Start a new thread pertaining to your issue and act like the tbs guys are your friends and they will take care of you. . Just be a little patient..

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    half of our CS team is on holiday right now, so answer times are expected to be a big higher. we've almost made it through the worst time of the year ...

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    My ticket was closed without a response after 8 days. I've now replied in that same ticket wondering about why that happened. Any idea if your CS will see that message?

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    Hi, I recently ordered a L1D vario. I can't find the manual anywhere. It used to be on the website. Could someone PM/post/email me the link for it or the document itself.

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