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Thread: How to get Customer Support from TBS

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    I have raised a support ticket 5 days ago and have had no response.... what is the next step? PayPal dispute?
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    No, just relax.. they will take care of you. Start a new thread pertaining to your issue and act like the tbs guys are your friends and they will take care of you. . Just be a little patient..

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    half of our CS team is on holiday right now, so answer times are expected to be a big higher. we've almost made it through the worst time of the year ...

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    My ticket was closed without a response after 8 days. I've now replied in that same ticket wondering about why that happened. Any idea if your CS will see that message?

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    Hi, I recently ordered a L1D vario. I can't find the manual anywhere. It used to be on the website. Could someone PM/post/email me the link for it or the document itself.

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    I've got an open support ticket, which is moving quite slowly. I believe that my new Vendetta V2 has a defect, either with two ESC's, or two motors. Two motors just fail to spin up properly with the other two with just throttle. If I try to lift off, the quad flips over, or takes off then flips over or dive bombs. It hasn't been outside yet, and hardly 3ft off the ground to this point. It's been almost two weeks now. I've completed every task that was offered by support, like firmware updates, ESC updates, confirming settings in BLHeli Suite and also in Betaflight, also checking everything between the props and the powercube. and between my (Futaba T10J / R3008 RX) transmitter and the Vendetta in general. I've re-flashed everything. more than once on ESC's and FC. If I try to lift off, the quad flips over, or takes off then flips or loses control. It's flown steady for no more than 15 sec or so, before it ends up flipping out.

    Anyone else run into this with a brand new Vendetta V2? It took me many months to save up for this quad, and new accessories, and this has completely deflated my excitement of taking the next step in RC flight. I've gone back to my surface RC's to take my mind off of it, while I wait.... and wait.... and wait.... zzzZZZzzz

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    Thanks TBS! You waste my Christmass

    I buyed Big Crossfire with diversity RX and pay'd for TBS Express shipping (10 days, ha-ha) at 29 Nov, so today is 24 Dec and what?! My order still doesn't track! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

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    Did you ever confirm the order? and that order was not backordered?

    More than likely your order in not placed or backordered items are holding up the shipment... the best thing to do is contact them through the TBS c/s system.

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    I already tried. 11 Dec I got reply on my ticket with answer:

    Order#186140 is already in Europe awaiting Customs clearance while 186175 is currently in transit to Europe. It will go through Customs first for clearance before handed over to your local post for distribution.
    An interval of one week for both parcels. 186140 should arrive first then followed by 186175. You may monitoring shipping details via Track shipment button on each link below. Shipping itinerary becomes available when parcel is clearered and handed over to GLS.
    Order status is: Last modification: 2017-12-08 15:18:33
    Track nuber still: 30/11/2017 02:46 The parcel data was entered into the GLS system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS. Germany Geretsried

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    why would you not use DHL and get it in 3days or less?? any kind of mail service express or not, this time of year, is asking for problems
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