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Thread: How to get Customer Support from TBS

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    How to get Customer Support from TBS

    We just launched our new support section as our latest effort to keep the standard of support at an exceptional level. There are now several ways to get assistance on products that TBS carries, as well as pre-shipment support ("where are my items? what's the stock like? can you remove A, B and C?", etc).

    You can:

    1) Use our Solution Center / Knowledge Base to find
    2) Create a Support Ticket or use our Contact Form
    3) Post a message directly in your order under "ORDER COMMENTS"

    For product or tech support, please use #1 and #2 only. If you'd like to clarify stuff for our packing crew, request changes to your order, cancel an order, use #2 or #3. We really appreciate if you take a minute to check our extensive knowledge base with the integrated search function to see if we haven't answered your question already. It makes our life so much easier and allows us to keep updating the knowledge base to provide better and more detailed answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    As always, thanks for being part of this movement and allowing us to do what we enjoy! You guys rock!
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