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    Sky Hero ARF sets at

    Last week we got first shipment of Sky Hero copter frames ... which redefines term "fantastic looking copter". Because we know that picking optimal components is not very easy ... even for more experienced users ... we prepared ARF sets, which will maximize Sky Hero Experience:

    Sky Hero Spyder X4 - entry model which can be simply upgraded to X8

    Sky Hero Spy Y8 - fast, agile and powerful copter for FPV & sports flying

    Sky Hero Spyder X8 - powerful copter for extra heavy payloads and excellent stability

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    Hello OneDrone

    On all options list a Complete pre-soldered wire set is mentioned but I cant find any price or information about it, could you shed some light on what it involves and price?
    The ARF kits seem to include everything, just want to make sure a power dist. board is in there also?
    Any chance to get a complete list of parts used in the Spyder X8 demo like gimbal + landing gear user, Flight controller and optional extras, how much would a similar setup set me back?

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