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Thread: What's going on in Colorado...

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    Beers tonight High Plains Tap House in Littleton 6:30pm

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    Good meeting up with you guys for beers last night! Ready for the shenanigans going down at Hartsel next month, see you all there.

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    No more model plane registration...glad I waited and never registered. Wonder if everyone that did register will get a refund...

    Taylor is right. In 2012, Congress passed andPresident Obama signed the FAA Modernization and ReformAct. Section 336(a) of that Act states that the FAA “may notpromulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft.”Pub. L. No. 112–95, § 336(a), 126 Stat. 11, 77 (2012) (codifiedat 49 U.S.C. § 40101 note). The FAA’s 2015 RegistrationRule, which applies to model aircraft, directly violates thatclear statutory prohibition. We therefore grant Taylor’spetition and vacate the Registration Rule to the extent it appliesto model aircraft.

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    That's good news. Although I wouldn't put it past the FAA to just to back and say "fine, instead of creating a new rule which we are prohibited from doing by statute, we will actually apply all full scale registration and existing rules to model aircraft".
    Or it could go back to congress and Sec 336 get struck down simply because it was a statute created during the Obama era, thus deemed inherently evil regardless of substance or intent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    Or it could go back to congress and Sec 336 get struck down simply because it was a statute created during the Obama era, thus deemed inherently evil regardless of substance or intent.
    Most likely.

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    We haven't seen anything yet. This somehow had escaped my notice until recently, but Taylor has another case currently in progress at the briefings stage seeking to invalidate Part 101 completely. If you thing Taylor 1 was big, wait until Taylor 2​!
    ~Patrick M.

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    It feels like forever since I have seen any of you guys. I still get out flying but not as much this past year. I found a nice wide open area near Parker where I went flying last weekend with the Sky Hunter. It is fun having my wife come along with me. She got some pretty cool shots from the ground.

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    Hello! I was referred to this thread from the VAS forum. I'm located in the North East at a ski resort (what we call resorts...). I need some help with a new ground station I'm working on. The resort is located at the top of the mountain so I do a considerable amount of flying below the horizon.

    My goal is to be able to fly out three miles at 10 degrees above the horizon then drop to valley floor, call it 45 degrees below the horizon, and fly up the ski slopes.

    Ive already accomplished the three mile flight. I'm using 1.3ghz Video and Dragonlink Controls. Dragonlink is Solid!

    Im thinking about getting an Eagle Eyes for diversity, a VAS Pepperbox on one VRx and a Singularity on the other VRx.

    thanks for any help!

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    There's no way you're doing to fly 45 degrees below the horizon without some sort of aerial relay of both control and video signals.
    My thread over on RCG details how to create and operate a single person operated relay (one pilot, one Tx, two aircraft)
    I've done it using both a quad and a fixed wing aircraft as the relay, and both worked.
    If I'm reading your scenario correctly though you want to drop into a valley that can't be seen
    from any closer than 3 miles away. That's a problem because it means the relay aircraft itself
    needs a solid 3 mile range which is harder to accomplish with 2.4Ghz control and 5.8Ghz video.
    It's not impossible, but I personally wouldn't do it. I always keep my relay aircraft
    relatively close (no more than a 3-4 hundred yards out). For one thing you'd waste 20+ minutes
    of the relay's flight time just getting it into position and back, which cuts down on your FPV time.
    And no, I don't really have a recommendation for how to do it using anything but the
    specific gear that I used. I was balancing (sometimes literally) a lot of different factors (weight, flight
    time, drag, separation of components, etc).

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    Thanks for the response. I should have been much clearer. All of this is in the same valley. All of what I'd be doing is visible from my takeoff location. I'll be on one ridge fly to the ridge three miles away. Then fly back towards me down the valley and back up to my location. I don't plan to intentionally fly behind the next mountain

    Ill be using UHF for controls and 1.3 ghz for video.

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